'World's Toughest Job' Ad Gets a Parody About Dads

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Someone on Facebook probably roped you into watching a video earlier this week called "World's Toughest Job." They probably shared it under the status "OMFG so true #blessed" or something like that. You probably watched it, and depending on your love/hatred for manipulative advertising, you probably re-shared it to your friends or threw your iPhone off a balcony.

Anyway, I love my mom. You love your mom. We all love our moms. But that ad from American Greetings (the card company), just a couple weeks before Mother's Day, is stupid. I hate it. I'm not the only one, but I'm positive I'm in the minority. Hate hate hate hate hate.

So, Bud Light has responded to that viral travesty with a parody. It ain't bad. A little tired, but it does its job of making the American Greetings ad look even dumber.

Dads, right?

Here's the original ad about moms, if you feel like punching yourself in the brain for about four minutes.

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