World Travel in 10 Days: Just What the Doctor Ordered!

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Casey Neistat accomplished what many of the 99 percent will never get to experience, he traveled around the world in 10 days. Living life for the rest of people who have been chained to a desk since time immemorial, Casey raced through Rome, Paris, New York, Egypt, Thailand, Johannesberg, and Japan.

Neistat and his friend Max paint a portrait of what life can be like for those who have the resources and freedoms that most lack.

At the beginning of the their short video they cite quotes like "Life is either daring adventure or nothing at all" by Helen Keller and "Buy the ticket, take the ride" by Hunter S. Thompson.

The video is very powerful in that it leaves the viewer wondering how they can see elephants and monkeys in nature, dive off of majestic cliffs, meet beautiful people on beaches, try authentic ethnic food, and gaze down at breathtaking waterfalls and still pay their bills.

I find the video to be inspirational because it challenges people to step into their lives a little more, see natural beauty, observe different cultures, and have a lot of fun along the way.

If you had only ten days to spend and were planning to travel across the world, what cities would you prioritize and why?

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