World Cup 2014: Who Is James Rodriguez?

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Move over Messi! There’s a new football star rising courtesy of an outstanding World Cup performance.

Meet James Rodriguez.

The 22-year-old Colombian talent is gaining global recognition thanks in large part to his brilliant goals, well timed assists, and (of course) his adorable goal celebrations.

The most wonderful thing about Rodriguez is that he seemingly came from nowhere.

All anyone talked about going into the 2014 World Cup were the established stars.

Host nation Brazil is toting young Neymar and Argentina of course has Lionel Messi.

Both these major stars have been largely forgotten thanks to all the controversy surrounding Uruguayan badboy Luis Suarez.

If anything, Rodriguez almost presents himself as an “Anti-Suarez”.

He is the antidote to the negativity and shadow cast over the World Cup event both by Suarez’s bad behaviors and the subsequent debate over his ban.

In James Rodriguez, we have a young handsome South American athlete who is both humble and non-offensive.

He is happy to celebrate his goals with his team and fans through dancing that would make any choreographer proud.

Colombia took on Uruguay earlier today, and it was very clear that the Uruguayans were desperately missing their troubled talisman Suarez.

With no one to rely on, Uruguay was powerless to stop a dominant Colombian side, which advanced thanks to two goals by Rodriguez.

One goal was so amazing that perhaps only Robin Van Persie’s brilliant header against Spain can top it.

If Rodriguez continues to score goals like that, then upcoming opponent Brazil (which knocked out Chile, but only after a grueling penalty shootout) might be in trouble.

It's possible that the young Colombian talent just might establish himself as the new darling of international association football in the days ahead.

The World Cup isn't over and already there are rumors flying about what European club may be looking to snatch up the talented goal scorer.

While gossip on the internet is largely unreliable, it is possible that Rodriguez's World Cup performance could lead to a move to a big club in the near future.

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