World Cup 2014: Does Team USA Stand A Chance?

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The American national team will have its work cut out for it going into the 2014 World Cup. Team USA managed to land in a really tough group.

The United States is in Group G with Portugal, Germany, and Ghana. It was Ghana that knocked the United States out of the 2010 World Cup before going on to lose in a controversial match with Uruguay.

While Portugal was knocked out during the first knockout round by Spain, Germany would be knocked out by Spain at the quarterfinal stage. Germany would go on to play for and win the third place award.

The United States was thought to have been part of a tough group in 2010, but this group is far more difficult.

The odds of the United States advancing are slim, but not impossible. Having been knocked out by Ghana multiple times in the past, the US team may be motivated to up their game against their international rivals.

At the same time, Portugal has not been so impressive as of late, having also been knocked out at the same stage as the United States in the last World Cup.

Germany will likely be the toughest opponent, but a win can happen. Stranger things have happened in football.

While United States is one of the biggest underdogs in the World Cup, there are some heavy favorites.

Brazil is hosting the World Cup this year and many expect the talented nation to go far, if not win it all. Because it is a South American-hosted tournament, it is possible that if not Brazil, pride may make South and Central Americans compete that much harder to keep the trophy on the continent rather than see it go back to Europe.

Spain, the defending champions, will likely have a huge target on its back. It won’t just be South American countries seeking to stop them from repeating their 2010 success; Germany and the Netherlands will likely be out for revenge.

The World Cup starts June 12.

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