Work From Home Jobs: 4 Reasons Why Telecommuting Is The NEW American Dream


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Telecommuting or "work from home" jobs are no longer associated with $1 surveys and "opportunities" to stuff envelopes.

Today, there are certain jobs which can bring in a six figure yearly income.

The buzz (and pay) associated with working at home is steadily rising.

Odds are this trend is here to stay .

Here are four reasons why you should not only get used to the availability of remote work, but also anticipate it as the new standard.

1.) Convenience and Flexibility

It's very convenient to be able to say your work can be done at a desk near your bed, at the local library or even your favorite coffee shop.

There's also an increasing desire for flexibility; so many things you need to do during the day cannot be done because you're "trapped" at the workplace for eight hours.

More Americans are looking for telecommute opportunities that will grant them a greater amount of freedom as to how they spend their day.

2.) Greater Control Over Earnings

Aside from flexibility, one of the most attractive things about many work at home job opportunities is that you dictate your earnings.

You can look at your level of experience and education and decide what's reasonable based on what you earned within a non-telecommute environment.

You can decide your hours. You can decide what days you work and what days don't. The ability to decide how much or little you earn, rather than having this told to you is amazingly freeing.

3.) No More Hostile Workplaces

The difference between telecommute jobs and traditional jobs can be staggering in terms of the avoided stress.

Some work environments are full of nasty individuals and run by bullies.

It can be emotionally taxing being in hostile work environments, especially if it happens to be a job you feel that you cannot afford to leave.

When you're self-employed, YOU decide who you want to work for and have far more control over your work relationships.

4.) Paradigm Shift Is Underway

Are we witnessing the last days of the traditional office environment?

It's possible.

With nearly half of today's working Americans either in telecommuting jobs or employed in fields that are work-at-home-friendly, it's possible in ten years, telecommuting can represent the majority of the workforce.

Gone is the hierarchal, "climb the latter" thinking. In its place, a series of career fields where people exchange ideas and information on a more level field.

What other reasons do you think are behind Americans wanting to work from home? Do you see telecommuting becoming the standard means of earning a living in the future?