Women In Science & Math: Where Are They?


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Girls may be more precocious than boys when it comes to getting good marks in the classroom, but somehow that doesn't lead to most of these girls pursuing careers in the fields of science and math in their adult life. There's an odd, stifling phenomenon pervading the classrooms when it comes to academic performance between genders. For instance, merely indicating on an exam that girls are female has been shown to suppress their test scores by 20%. (!!!)

Engineering Degree put together an inforgraphic that illustrates the disparity among the genders in the engineering field and highlights some of the more troubling aspects of this problem, such as how only 20% of women who obtain a degree in math and sciences actually have jobs in a related field. While some cultural gadflies bemoan that we're not focusing as much on boys these days and are therefore leaving them behind in educational development, one need not really look much further than the information in this infographic to determine one of two things: that claim is false; or, if that claim is true, then our education system is failing in far worse, more perplexing ways than we can begin to imagine.

And no, it's not because we pay teachers too much.

Girls in STEM
Created by: EngineeringDegree.net