Woman's Time-Lapse Weight Loss Video


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We've all seen the sometimes shocking "before and after" pictures of weight-loss success. But how is this one woman's recent 88-lb weight-loss different than all the rest? Not much, except for the pretty cool time-lapsed GIF one inspired fan made of the awesome transformation process.

A young woman named Amanda (she asked her last name not be used) started posting pictures of her weight-loss process online for motivation in 2011. After a Reddit user saw the pictures, he decided to make a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) of the amazing transformation.

The young woman decided the pictures would serve as a constant visual reminder to keep going until she reached her desired goal.

"I knew that I had to start somewhere," Amanda told ABC News.

Amanda went on to say, "I figured if I did it at least once a month, at the end of however long it took, I would have this really cool end product."

To help lose the weight, Amanda ate a high-protein diet, watched her portions and lastly added in a moderate workout plan. After sticking to her plan of attack, Amanda went from weighing 222 pounds to 134 pounds in a year. She's even successfully kept the weight off.

The gallery of weight-loss photos she posted had nearly three million views online. Eventually the pics inspired a Reddit user to create the GIF that now so many people have been talking about.