Woman Set On Fire In Possible Domestic Violence Case

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A San Francisco woman suffered gruesome injuries over the weekend when she was set on fire, police say.

The woman--25-year old Starr Lamare--is suffering from "life threatening" injuries after her boyfriend allegedly threw flammable liquid on her and set fire to her clothes. She was able to remove her clothing, but only time will tell if she'll survive the attack. Investigators have not released information regarding how severe the burns were, but the biggest worry with most burn victims is usually infection.

Police also say they have not arrested the man accused of the attack; however, the suspect in question has been named as Dexter Oliver. Police were called to the scene after neighbors heard a woman screaming, and have organized a search for him. Lamare's family members say the two had only been dating for about six months but believe they had an argument outside a local laundromat which escalated. He allegedly took Lamare's purse and ran off after setting her on fire.

"Most of her face is burnt," said the victim's sister, Precious Craig. "Just a little bit of hair is still there, but most of her face is burned."

Investigators are currently checking all surveillance cameras in the neighborhood to gain clues as to Oliver's whereabouts. He is currently facing attempted murder charges.

Amanda Crum
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