Woman Off Cliff: Shocking Video Captures Woman And Mistress Fighting

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A woman in Peru was caught on surveillance camera throwing another woman off a cliff because she thought the woman was having an affair with her husband.

Lisset Lupo Mamani, a mother of four, caught up to husband Renzo Zanabria Huanca out on a stroll with Sandra Bruna Morales and grabbed the woman by the ponytail, engaging in a fight before Morales had time to defend herself. She then flung Morales over a cliff, where she dropped 20 feet. Shockingly, Morales only suffered minor scrapes and bruises.

Huanca bolted as soon as the fight broke out, but later said he'd been messing around with Morales. She claims, however, that he'd made multiple passes at her and was turned down every time.

The incident happened back in January, but it hasn't been reported what charges were brought against Mamani, if any.

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