Woman Fired for Boston Marathon Costume [IMAGE]


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Yes, Halloween has been over for four days. No, there isn't any shortage of awful costumes that are making headlines. This costume might not be quite as offensive as the Trayvon Martin costume that outraged many people, but it's close. Really close. A Michigan woman, Alicia Ann Lynch, came under fire after posting a photo of her tasteless costume on Twitter--she went as a Boston Marathon bombing victim.

Not only did the 22-year-old woman think that dressing as a Boston Marathon victim was a good idea, she wore the costume to work. According to BuzzFeed, Lynch has since lost her job. Check out the costume Lynch posted to her Twitter account below. The account, @SomeSkankinMI (yes, that's her real handle) has since been suspended, but once it's on the Internet, forever it stays, right?


The smiling young woman is dressed as a marathon runner, complete with open wounds and blood trickling down her legs. Lynch received a flurry of Twitter posts condemning her costume, as should be expected. Post your thoughts below.

Things went downhill for Lynch after one enterprising Twitter poster discovered that the young woman had posted a copy of her driver's license on her profile, complete with her home address. After that, someone else found some nude photos and videos containing Lynch on Tumblr, which they quickly circulated.

NY Daily News managed to get a screen capture of some posts made from Lynch's account regarding the costume before her account was suspended:


Once Lynch's private information was made public, she says that she has received death threats for her costume choice. “I’ve had voicemails where they want to slit my throat and they want to hang me and tear off my face,” Lynch said. “I’m just like, I don’t even know how to respond to this right now.”

Lynch's parents are also receiving threats. Lynch said that someone told her parents “they’re going to blow up her house and hang her child.” Lynch feels really bad for her parents because they had nothing to do with her Boston Marathon bombing victim costume. "My family didn’t know what I was doing. I don’t live with them. And they’re all getting dragged into this for something I did.”

While the young woman did apologize, she still doesn't think what she did was that bad. “Honestly, it’s the Day of the Dead,” she says. “I wasn’t a dead person, I wasn’t being disrespectful. I was a survivor of a marathon. And it’s not like I was walking around with a fake leg or my arm torn off or something like that.”

[Images via All Michigan Live and NY Daily News]