Wolfenstein 3D Turns 20, Becomes Playable In Your Browser

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I am Death incarnate!

Want to feel incredibly old? Over the weekend, id Software's influential First Person Shooter Wolfenstein 3D Google+Reader">turned 20. That's right, the first time that you sat down behind the eyes of B.J. Blazkowicz and began to blast away Nazis was on May 5th, 1992. If you remember playing Wolfenstein, you were around for the "grandfather" of FPSs. Although id Software's next release (just a year later), Doom, might be better-remembered by some of the gaming masses, it was Wolfenstein 3D that made much of what we play today possible.

And in celebration of the game's two decades, you can now "relive all the glory of id’s seminal shooter with a free-to-play browser version of the game," courtesy of Bethesda. Just head to wolfenstein.bethsoft.com, pick your level and your difficulty, and start your escape from Castle Wolfenstein.

After you've gotten your fill playing the browser version of Wolfenstein 3D, check out this director's commentary from id's co-founder John Carmack courtesy the Bethesda Podcast:

Oh, and one more thing. Remember that iOS app version of the game that launched in 2009? Well, in honor of the 20-year anniversary, you can download it free for a limited time.

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