Wiz Khalifa Has A New Video For 'Most of Us'


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Wiz Khalifa has a new video out for the song "Most of Us". It features Wiz dancing around and smoking in an apparently abandoned carnival or amusement park. This is edited together with shots of Khalifa with a butt in his face and otherwise hanging around partying with various women.

Sometimes he carries around a bottle of Bombay Sapphire. Meanwhile, a song that sounds like it could have been released at any point in the past fifteen years plays.

The lyrics frequently remind us: "They talk s---, but can't come close to most of us." The song also mentions several times that "they talk s---, but they can't f--- with most of us."

It's unclear who "they" and "us" are exactly. Apparently the "us" regularly "ride around with pistols and "don't give a f---." Most of them, Wiz says, are "down to rep that gang" and "gon' throw it up."

Full lyrics here.

Do what I love.

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"Most of Us" is produced by ID Labs.

Wiz Khalifa is currently on tour in Europe with dates in Amsterdam, Frankfurt Am Main, Trondheim, Paris, Munich, Düsseldorf, and Brussels.