Wiz Khalifa Gets Shocking Post-Breakup Dye Job For A New Look

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Rapper Wiz Khalifa seems to be eager to move on after his wife Amber Rose filed for divorce on September 22—at least figuratively. Khalifa sported a new look on Tuesday and made his transformation public by live-tweeting about it.

Khalifa dyed his hair purple on Tuesday, but made sure to document every step of the process on his Twitter account. First, Khalifa posted one last picture of his signature look of natural-colored dreadlocks with frosted tips in the front. Khalifa followed that photo with a selfie of himself undergoing the bleaching process. The second photo shows him with chemicals in his hair and the tips of his dreads turning white, while his forehead showcases the “Bash” tattoo he got as a tribute to his son with Rose, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz.

Another photo captioned “Stage 1” shows Khalifa with his hair completely white and falling across his face. The final picture he posted shows a close-up of the upper right side of his face, with purple dreadlocks falling across it. Captioned “Purple Rain,” the photo is now being used by Khalifa as his profile pic on Twitter.

The day before his Twitter transformation, Khalifa posted a picture of himself smiling on Instagram with the caption, “Peace of mind.” At least on social media, the rapper seems to be dealing with his divorce well, unlike his estranged wife. Rose took to Twitter on Tuesday as well, but reportedly expressed her difficulty in dealing with the end of her marriage to Khalifa.


Peace of mind.

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“The mornings are especially hard,” she first posted on Twitter. Less than an hour later, Rose followed it up with a tweet saying, “The pain...I wake up every morning feeling like my best friend died..... I never knew what a true heartache felt like until now.” Rose filed for divorce from Khalifa on September 22 because she reportedly caught him cheating on her.

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