Witherspoon Goes Blonde After Cop Debacle

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Reese Witherspoon tinted her hair a darker shade for her role in "The Good Lie", but it looks like she's back to blonde.

The 37-year old actress was spotted supporting her son Deacon at his soccer game the day before Mother's Day with light locks tucked up beneath a hat. It could be that she just missed her natural shade, but many are wondering if her recent arrest had anything to do with it.

Witherspoon and her husband, Jim Toth, were taken in to an Atlanta police station in late April after Toth was found to be driving under the influence and Witherspoon argued with the officer and then tried to use her celebrity status to get out of trouble.

“Mrs. Witherspoon began to hang out the window and say that she did not believe I was a real police officer,” the officer wrote in a police report. “I told Mrs. Witherspoon to sit on her butt and be quiet. Mrs. Witherspoon asked, ‘Do you know my name?’ I answered, ‘No, I don’t need to know your name.’ I then added, ‘Right now.’ Mrs. Witherspoon stated, ‘You’re about to find out who I am.’… Mrs. Witherspoon also stated, ‘You’re going to be on national news.’ I advised Mrs. Witherspoon that was fine.”

Witherspoon has since apologized publicly for her behavior and said she simply panicked.

"I saw [the cop] arresting my husband and I literally panicked," Witherspoon explained. "I told him I was pregnant. I'm not pregnant. I said all kinds of crazy things. We went out to dinner in Atlanta and we had one too many glasses of wine. We thought we were fine to drive and we absolutely were not . . .We know better and we shouldn't have done that."

Amanda Crum
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