With No More Music Left to Go Behind, VH1 Is Going Behind the Tweet

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With no more music left to go behind, VH1 has decided to go behind the Tweet.

Have you ever wondered exactly what prompted celebrities to send out some of their tweets? If so, VH1's new webseries is going to give you all the answers, with exclusive, behind-the-scenes looks at the makings of a tweet.

There's one about that time Brooklyn Decker tweeted about peeing her pants after finding out about the new Sports Illustrated cover:

There's one about that time Dominic Monaghan tweeted a photo of a tranquilized elephant that everyone thought was a dead elephant:

There's one about that time Hannibal Buress tweeted about his cookie suit:

There's even one about that time Key & Peele tweeted out an Obama controversy:

It's everything you loved about VH1's Behind the Music, but without all the sex, drugs, and intrigue.

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