Winter Tires: Tips To Keep You Safe

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Whether you want to admit it or not, winter is almost here and that means snow, ice and sleet in many parts of the country. As much as most of us would like to stay bundled up and inside on those cold wintery days, it just isn't possible and travel is a daily necessity for most people.

Winter can make road conditions unsafe, but by preparing your car for winter, you have a much better chance of staying safe. One of the most popular and effective ways to prepare your automobile for winter is to install winter tires.

Winter tires are designed to perform better in cold conditions and in the snow and ice. While it might seems as simple as picking out some tires and putting them on your car, there are some tips that can help ensure you choose the right ones.


Install all four winter tires on the vehicle. Even if the tread and condition of one or more of your current tires is good, you should still install winter tires on all four of your vehicle's wheels. This will ensure that all of your tires are performing properly and that you have a smooth and even ride.

Check the tires often for pressure and signs of wear and damage. Winter can wear tires down quickly and although you may think that your new winter tires will last a long time, if you drive often you should check the tread and condition on a regular basis.

Check air pressure often. Tires with the proper air pressure will last longer and are safer for winter travel.


Avoid using tires that have low or worn tread. As the tread wears down, the car will lose traction in the snow. Although you might not think a little tread loss is a big deal, it could make your car unsafe for winter travel.

It is never a good idea to mix tires, especially winter tires. You will need all of the tires to work together to get you through the snow and ice safely and when they all match, they will work together better.

If you are in need of winter tires, now is the time to buy them. Don't wait until the bad weather hits, get your car or truck ready now.

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