Winter Tires Risk Being Banned After Research


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It's 32 degrees with a low of 28 in Sweden right now, and medical researchers there are calling for a ban on studded winter tires.

Many people worldwide use the drop in weather to determine when its time to change into their winter tires, but according to the Alaska Dispatch, researchers in Sweden are declaring that studded winter tires actually do more harm than good.

A Sweden newspaper named Dagens Nyheter recently released an article featuring two medical researcher's belief that winter tires rarely have much effect on your driving safety, but they do cause extreme harm to the environment. These researchers believe that winter tires release particles in the air that cause respiratory, cardiac, pulmonary and vascular diseases. The Swedish medical researchers believe that winter tires actually cause more harm to the body than any recorded traffic accidents suffered by those who do not use winter tires.

Many people believe that winter tires, sometimes known as snow or studded tires, are only necessary for environments covered with snow. Since Sweden is covered with snow, these findings are pretty significant to both those in cold countries as well as for those who experience a smaller amount of snow.

If you do decide to purchase winter tires, be sure to do your research on the best tires. The best winter tires provide the most traction for your vehicle and also contain the least amount of studs and extra rubber that could prove harmful for you and the environment.

(Image: Youtube)