Winter Tire Alternatives: Green, but Effective?

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As earlier reported by us, it is catching on that winter tires damage our lungs and heart more than they protect us from slipping on the highway. While this may be true, it is still pretty obvious that we need some sort of extra protection while driving over this winter's ice and snow. Thankfully, there are options other than the traditional winter tires if you're looking for an eco-friendly and more healthier way to stay safe.

Fabric boots are growing in popularity-- easy installation along with effective traction make the decision easy for some.

Snow socks have been seeing increased usage in the past years; you slip the fabric snow chains over your front tires like socks for increased traction. The idea is essentially in the same order as sliding wool socks over your shoes for more walking grip-- now your car can match your furry feet. It is recommended that use of snow socks should only be used if it freezes sporadically in your area, and not the majority of the winter.

Flex-Trax, a company dedicated to advanced traction systems, boasts that its SnoClaws are 66 percent faster than tire chains, causes no damage to cars or roads, takes less than five minutes to install and are more durable than snow socks, cables and metal chains. The company attaches rubber to the inside of the fabric customary snow socks along with metal cleats on the outside for more durability and traction. Flex-Trax also assures us that SnoClaws can be installed while a vehicle is stuck to provide a quick escape. A video shows you exactly how it works:

So, who uses snow socks or SnoClaws? Are they effective? Let the world know.

(Remember: Alertness and wise driving decisions are necessary no matter what type of tire that you use!)

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