Winter Boots: Tips To Keep Them Nice All Winter

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Boots are the perfect thing to keep your feet warm and dry this winter and can also be a great addition to an adorable outfit.

Whether you wear winter boots for comfort or style, the chances are that you want to make them last as long as possible.

The best way to do that is to care for them properly.

If you want your boots to last you the entire winter and maybe even next year, follow these tips to keep them in good shape.

If you step in mud or dirt, you can just wipe your boots clean, or can you? During the winter, people, businesses and cities use chemicals and salt to melt ice and keep sidewalks and roads clean and clear. As you walk around on these same sidewalks and roads, your boots pick up the salt and chemicals. The salt and chemicals can cause the materials your boots are made of to break down faster than normal, causing holes and tears and allowing moisture to get inside. Use special boot cleaning products such as Boot Rescue to remove these chemicals from your boots and help them last longer.

The snow and ice can cause your boots to get really wet and if you don't dry them properly they can become smelly and break down. Fungi and mold can grow in damp boots and the material can also break down. Make sure your boots are thoroughly dried each night by placing them in a warm, dry area in your home. You may also want to use a boot dryer to help them dry faster.

When it comes time to put your boots up during warmer weather, you need to make sure you store them properly. Make sure they are both clean and dry and consider adding moth balls to prevent pests from making their homes inside them.

Boots are expensive and once you find a pair you love, you will want to wear them for as long as possible. In order to make this possible, you need to care for your winter boots the right way. Follow these tips and your boots will last you through several winters.

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