Wine Glasses: Three Fun Ways To Personalize Them


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If you like to drink wine or entertain guests, you may want to personalize your wine glasses so they can be distinguished from one another.

Personalized wine glasses will come in handy when you are enjoying wine with several people or hosting a party or dinner.

If you are feeling creative, you can personalize the wine glasses yourself. Here are some fun and easy ideas.

You can add numbers, letters and photos to your wine glasses by cutting the shapes from vinyl and applying them to each glass. You can also purchase pre-cut vinyl shapes, numbers and letters online.

You can buy wine glass charms in many stores and online or you can make your own personalized ones. Simply purchase craft wire, letter beads and any other beads or embellishments you wish to add to the glasses. Add the letters and beads you want to a small piece of wire and then hook the wire to each glass.

You can etch wine glasses the same way you etch any other type of glass. You can buy glass etching kits at almost any craft supply store. You can choose to etch your own monogram, name or initials on the glasses or if you know the guests that will be coming to your home, you can etch theirs instead and allow the guests to take the glasses home with them.

Personalizing your wine glasses will come in handy the next time you have a bunch of people at your home enjoying wine. Be creative and have fun with your project.