Wind Farms Are Contributing To Warming Temps


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The environmental scientists are still not on board when it comes to global warming. Even after climategate showed that global warming was a huge conspiracy. Now their beloved wind farms are shown to have an enviornmental impact on the areas around them.

In a study released by the journal 'Nature Climate Change,' published a study that found that the wind farms in west Texas are actually changing the temperature around the turbines by 0.72 °C per decade.

"Wind power is going to be a part of the solution to the climate change, air pollution and energy security problem," said Liming Zhou, at the University of Albany in New York. "But understanding the impacts of windfarms is critical for developing management strategies to ensure the long-term sustainability of wind power."

The scientist say that the effect is caused by the turbulence from the turbines lifts the warmer air closer to the ground up into the sky. At this time there is no real problem, mostly because this is natural radiation that is being pushed around. But the data does have the ability to be used to stop the production of future wind farms.

When asked about the data, Steven Sherwood at the climate change research centre at the University of New South Wales, Australia said "The result looks pretty solid to me, the same strategy is commonly used by fruit growers, who fly helicopters over the orchards rather than erect windmills, to combat early morning frosts."

It seems to me that it is getting worse and worse for the climate change crowd. Every month there is a new story as to why it is not as bad as it seems or that more and more people are unhappy about the stances their companies or governments are taking without any solid evidence.