Willow Smith Back For "Your Love". Does New Song Impress?

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After listening to “Your Love”, it’s hard to believe Willow Smith could have done such a musical about-face in such a short window of time.

There’s nothing in this latest effort that conjures images of Willow whipping her hair back and forth.

Instead, we get a dreamy alternative pop song featuring Smith cooing about loving someone.

Even though Willow’s new song mentions snowfall, it’s very easy to get an image of black and white beach scenery.

The vibe is deceptively laid-back.

Even though the melody is mellow, the lyrics speak of longing for someone that she hardly sees.

“My emotions change like the weather, and I’m sad.”

Perhaps Smith is talking about the changeability of teen love. One minute she is filled with joy and bliss (laughter features throughout the track) and yet this quickly becomes lost with the sense that she is missing someone, and the sadness that comes with their absence.

This is certainly a mature topic for a 13-year-old, but Willow Smith pulls it off nicely.

For one thing the tune is very light and playful, not trying to grasp a hold of some emotional depth that she’s far too young to express convincingly.

It’s a song that doesn’t demand too much of the teenager vocally. Smith is able to “la la la” her way through it largely on key and hold the final note.

Overall, I’d say that this is a solid effort from Willow Smith. She seems to be working hard to evade Rihanna comparisons while carving out a niche for herself in the indie pop market.

Now comes the question of what Willow’s music video will look like. Will it be upbeat like the melody or a more solemn representation of the lyrics?

Have you heard Willow Smith’s new single? What did you think?

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