Will Ferrell Anchored A Real Newscast As Ron Burgundy

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Local news viewers in Bismarck, North Dakota got a treat on Saturday night when Will Ferrell dropped by KXMB to help deliver the nightly news...dressed as Ron Burgundy, of course.

Ferrell came coiffed and ready to go in a maroon sport coat with a matching tie, sitting in at the desk with anchor Amber Schatz as she delivered news about Black Friday and other local happenings. She somehow managed to keep her cool throughout the newscast, despite the sexy mustache sitting next to her.

"Anchorman 2" hits theaters December 18, a bit earlier than originally planned, but Ferrell and crew have been making the talk show rounds and are ramping up appearances lately to ensure that marketing is covered from their end. Needless, if you ask most fans; with the success of the first film, box office numbers are a pretty sure thing this time around, too. Ferrell says the new film will focus on Burgundy and his team moving to New York, where they join a 24-hour news team and find themselves facing the least favorable shift.

“[The network] literally just needed more bodies,” Ferrell said in an interview with Moviefone. “They had to hire so many people, a massive group of people, at one time, to be on around the clock; that’s why he and his news team are on at two in the morning. And, of course, they are horribly upset by that.”

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