Whitney Houston's Home Up For Sale


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It has been said that the spirit of great music remains where it was created long after the person who produced it lives. Musicians enter Electric Ladyland, Jimi Hendrix's studio, with the awe of one who enters the Sistine Chapel. With that in mind, any aspiring musician should consider AOL Real Estate's report that Whitney Houston's house is on now on sale for you to purchase.

After we take one second to ignore the fact that 1. The house is in the beautiful state of New Jersey and 2. You could quite possibly might be a starving artist and can't afford it, let's consider the great features of the 1.5 million home.

The five bedroom, six bathroom home has a six-car garage along with a tennis court and swimming pool. The main room is a two-story behemoth, stocked with a bar and large fireplace. Houston bought the home in 1987 after "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" sealed her fame. The home has also been the setting for Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's reality TV show, "Being Bobby." In this home, it is realistic to believe that she has said, "Hell to the naw, Bobby" quite a few times, and this could also be the home where Bobby Brown drew eyes on their bedroom closet door and inscribed the words "I'm Watching You."

Whitney Houston split residency in this home along with an Atlanta home bought later. The house is located on 22 N. Gate Road in Mendham, New Jersey, and this is its second broker.

The two-year anniversary of Whitney Houston's untimely death by accidental drowning comes on February 11,2012.

Image via Youtube