Whitney Houston: Recent Auction Indicates the Star Might be More Collectible than Predicted


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Whitney Houston's items were sold off as part of the Hollywood Legends auction held in Beverly Hills by Julien's Auctions. The entire collection pulled in more than $82,000.

The following dress is one that Houston wore at Clive Davis's pre-Grammy party in 1997.

Her collectibility had yet to be determined because not many of her belongings went up for auction in the past. Appraisers listed the grey velvet gown between $1-2,000 but it pulled in $11,520.


This magenta dress was worn by the singer on stage in the 90s and there are pictures that authenticate the piece. The dress is completely original and was made specifically for Houston.


Below are a pair of earrings that the star wore in the movie The Bodyguard and were estimated to sell between $600-800.


A vest that she wore in the film was only estimated to sell for $400-600 but was packaged with two pair of earrings that she also wore in the movie and raked in an astonishing $8700.

Apparently Houston is more collectible than people initially thought.

Some people thought that the auction was too soon but Houston had planned to auction these items for charity before she died. Her recent death made the items more valuable.