Westminster Dog Show Selects Wire Fox Terrier As Winner

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Madison Square Garden was once again filled with spectators and canines for the 138th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which is the second-longest sporting event held in the country, next to the Kentucky Derby. The two-day event welcomed a total of 2,845 dogs, and after a series of events, Sky, a wire fox terrier who has Facebook and Twitter accounts, was declared the overall winner and named Best in Show.

With Sky winning the show, the fox terrier breed has now won 14 times, the most any breed has won the show. It is the 46th win for the terrier group, and the 129th Best in Show ribbon for Sky.

Four group winners were announced on Monday for the non-sporting, herding, toy, and hound dogs. The winners are standard poodle Ally, Cardigan Welsh corgi CoCo, miniature pinscher Classy, and bloodhound Nathan, respectively.

The three remaining groups announced on Tuesday were sporting, working, and terrier, with the winners being Irish water spaniel Riley, Portuguese water dog Maltisse, and lastly fox terrier Sky.

Thousands of dogs were trimmed down to just these seven. They took their final lap in front of everyone and the crowd went wild. The Best in Show judge, Betty Regina Leininger, who has judged dog shows all around the world, saw the dogs for the first time when she stepped to the center of the ring.


The Best in Show title is awarded based on the performance of the dogs in different events. There was a loud cheering for Nathan the bloodhound from the crowd, but in the end, it was Fox who won the silver cup. The Reserve Best in Show was given to Ally the standard poodle. After winning the show, Sky’s handler picked him up and the dog showed his appreciation for the judge by gently kissing her hand.

There is no cash prize given for the winner of the show, but the dog goes home with the coveted silver cup. Sky the dog is also going on a media tour and will be the envy of dogs, until next year’s winner of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is named.

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