Westboro Baptist Says ISIL Beheadings are Because They are Banned in UK

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The Islamic Extremist Apologetics wing of the Westboro Baptist Church is hard at work spinning the beheadings showcased by ISIL in the Middle East.

"For weeks now, the world has been seeing videos of people getting their heads cut off in the most gruesome fashion. Some guy with a rusty knife keeps taking solitary-looking individuals (mostly from America and the UK) and hacking their heads off while another person takes video of the whole thing. And of course, the typical reaction of stiff-necked and obstinate Americans — and most others — is to immediately threaten retaliation and faux outrage.”

In typical WBC fashion, the whole thing comes down to tolerance of homosexuals.

"When a country has reached the point where it is fighting to the death for sodomites (just like America and the UK), people start dying in the most gruesome fashion. Bodies are chopped up and left on the street; heads are separated from bodies.”

But the WBC has a specific axe to grind with the United Kingdom, beyond the usual “gay rights” problems they trumpet. The Christian Extremist group in Kansas has an explanation for why ISIL is beheading Brits like David Haines and Alan Henning.

“When a people decides to make a name for themselves fighting the people of God (just like America and the ‘we refuse to lift the WBC ban' United Kingdom), beheadings suddenly appear on the horizon.”

The UK has instituted a ban on members of Westboro Baptist. The UK Border Agency issued a statement that Westboro members “have engaged in unacceptable behavior by inciting hatred against a number of communities. We will continue to stop those who want to spread extremism, hatred and violent messages in our communities from coming to our country. The exclusions policy is targeted at all those who seek to stir up tension and provoke others to violence regardless of their origins and beliefs."

The ban resulted from a planned visit to the UK to protest a production of The Laramie Project, a play about the murder of gay student Matthew Shepard in Wyoming that features Westboro founder Fred Phelps as a character. The principal of the college the play was being produced at said, “[Westboro’s views] are such a gross abuse of Christianity and a gross misreading.”

Ever since, Westboro has not been allowed in the UK. Apparently, they believe that God is causing the beheadings of aid workers at the hands of Islamist extremists as retaliation for Phelps’ little club not being allowed to preach their hate in London.

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