West Virginia Shooter Jealous Of Ex, Her Boyfriends

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A West Virginia gunman who went on a shooting spree Monday, before killing himself, took to Facebook to express his jealousy of his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.

Towing company proprietor Jody Lee Hunt, 39, shot and killed ex-lover Sharon Kay Berkshire, 39, her latest partner Michael David Frum, 28, and Frum's cousin Jody Taylor, who had also been romantically involved with Berkshire. Also killed was Doug Brady, owner of a competing towing company situated less than a quarter-mile from Hunt's company.

Court records reveal that Berkshire had filed two protective orders against Hunt, one in 2013, and one in October, though she failed to follow through with either of them before they became official.

After the shootings, authorities issued an alert for Hunt's black Ford F-150 truck. Hunt was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in a wooded area near Westover, approximately 12 hours later.

According to State Police Lt. Michael Baylous and Monongalia County Sheriff Kenneth "Al" Kisner, the shooting spree began early Monday when Hunt shot Brady twice in the head. Hunt had become disgruntled in his belief that Brady had been getting towing jobs illegally. Hunt had been outspoken at county meetings regarding illegal towing activities in the preceding months before his death.

Hunt went on to shoot Berkshire, Frum and Taylor. Berkshire had been dating both of the men.

In a Facebook post Monday, which has since been removed, Hunt expressed his heartache over Bershire being unfaithful. Hunt wrote, "I except (sic) my actions were wrong but in my eyes just. So I will leave this world as others did. May your saddened hearts be replaced with love for me. Please take care of my dogs!"

Hunt added, "I'm sure I will be remembered by not what good I did but the devastation I caused to a few people lives."

On November 27th, Hunt posted a note of Berkshire's Facebook wall reading, "Love doesn't judge love excepts (sic) you as you are. Missing u!"

Incidentally, on November 7, Berkshire posted a picture of the Ford F-150 Hunt had driven during the slayings, with a caption reading, "New ride for this girl !!!!"

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