Were There Really This Many NES Games?


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Following the video game crash of 1983, Nintendo came onto the scene with the NES in 1985. Everybody wanted a piece of it and publishers began putting out hundreds upon hundreds of games for the console. By the end of the system's life in 1994, there were 709 titles with an additional 113 unlicensed titles released for the NES.

So, why bring this up all of a sudden? YouTuber NicksplosionFX has created an almost 3 hour video that collects the title screens of every NES game ever produced. In other words, you can see all 709 title screens in the video below.

Some things to note before going into this: The games are presented in alphabetical order. The video also preserves the entire title screen which means some titles, like the notorious Action 52, will take a couple of seconds to get through.

If anything, Press Start is an interesting look at the history of title screens. You may never think much of them as you mash Start or A trying to get to the game, but the title screen has always been there for us. It coddled us when we got a game over and sometimes even mocked us.

[h/t: Destructoid] Image via NicksplosionFX/YouTube