Wendy's Burger Stuffed With A Joint

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A Wendy's customer in Lovejoy, Georgia says she found a blunt inside her cheeseburger last month, and the employee who admitted it was hers says she "misplaced" it while making the food.

32-year old Amy Seiber was charged with possession and was, of course, fired from her job, but the customer says she had to go to the hospital with food-poisoning-like symptoms. The restaurant has offered to cover her medical bills and offered up a $50 gift card as compensation.

Wendy's released a statement about the incident, saying, "Obviously the employee broke the rules and did not follow proper food handling steps ... We are deeply sorry that this incident occurred.”

Wendy's isn't the only restaurant to deal with strange things being given to customers; McDonald's has dealt with a few incidents, including the time a man found a deep-fried insect in his hashbrowns. Last year, a Michigan boy found the tip of someone's finger in his Arby's sandwich.

“I was like, ‘that’s got to be a finger.’ I was about to puke… it was just nasty,” Ryan Hart said.

Apparently the person cutting the meat had sliced off the tip of their finger and orders kept being sent out before anyone knew about it. The family said they planned to sue the restaurant.

“Somebody loses a finger, and you keep sending food out the window? I can’t believe that,” the boy's mother, Jamie Vail, said. “They should have shut it down.”

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