Wendy Williams Takes Scary Fall During Comedy Tour

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Wendy Williams took a nasty tumble while on her comedy tour in Houston on Saturday night. The comedian and host of The Wendy Williams Show was about to take the stage on her Sit Down Tour…Too Real For Stand Up tour when the mishap occurred.

As the music started playing to usher in Wendy Williams, she grabbed the mic and began to cross the stage. That's when one simple misstep led to a pretty dangerous fall.

Fortunately Williams didn't sustain any serious injuries. She handled the fall like a pro, too, even incorporating it into the night's comedy.

"Shut the f--k up, okay? There's the fall that never happened!" she joked to the audience after the fall. "Put that on YouTube."

"Number one, this is like our seventh city on our twelve-city comedy tour. Number two, every stage is different. I didn't see that s--t. I am 12 feet tall…but you caught it right? Did you catch my 51-year-old recovery?" she added.

Wendy Williams also shared a self-deprecating Tweet about her mishap on Sunday.

Fans were no doubt relieved to learn that Wendy Williams wasn't serious injured during her fall in Houston on Saturday. Those at the show likely breathed a collective sigh of relief that the show went on.

Those who haven't been fortunate enough to catch Wendy Williams during one of her Sit Down Tour…Too Real For Stand Up shows will be happy to know she will return to The Wendy Williams Show this fall. All new episodes start back up beginning on September 14.

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