Wendy Williams Dishes About Her Career And Talk Show


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Wendy Williams has accomplished a lot in her career.

Williams, who began her career working as a radio personality in 1989, eventually became one of the most notable media personalities on air.

In 2008, she transitioned from radio to television as the host of her own syndicated talk show, The Wendy Williams Show.

During a recent interview, Williams dished about her show, which has been renewed through the 2018 television season. She revealed the show is definitely her "crown jewel," reports Orlando Sentinel.

“The show is absolutely the crown jewel of anything I could ever dream of in my career,” said Williams. “People ask me what I want to do next. I want to stay on this TV until I’m ready to leave, and I don’t want to be kicked out.”

Since The Wendy Williams Show premiered on July 14, 2008, many other celebrities have also tried their hand at syndicated talk show television and failed. But, Williams revealed she credits her show's success to one thing - her live studio audience!

“They’re my people. They come, and everybody’s so opinionated,” Williams said. “You attract what you put out. The people in the audience — a lot of us are one and the same. Straight, no chaser.”

Williams also opened up about her appearance, and how it's vital to look a certain way in her line of work. Since she has such a big personality, her appearance has to stand out just as much!

“I can’t have little hair with my big personality. I turned something negative into something positive,” she said. “Even though I’m full of jokes, I wear mine for health-related issues. I would never remove my wig on TV for ratings. I don’t wear wigs for jokes. I wear them for real. Now I wear them for business.”

Although Williams has ventured outside of television as an author and actress, she still insists her show will always come first!

"I like having my side projects now, but the mother ship is ‘The Wendy Williams Show.’ If that’s not right, nothing’s right,” she said. “Everybody needs a frivolous outlet at least an hour a day.”