Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

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We're six weeks into 2014 - or, better known as when most people abandon their new years resolutions and give into a gluttonous lifestyle. However, this year can be different; the internet is full of tips and helpful advice to keep you on track! Here are some of the best weight lost tips from around the web, all in one handy guide.

First: While yes, while weight loss is basically calories put out over calories taken in, it's not as simple as that, as the complex nature of the calories matter, too. The calories from proteins and fats are not nearly as harmful as those from carbohydrates. Carbs require insulin to break down and digest; insulin is also a fat-burning killer. So basically, carbs = a dead stop to weigh loss.

Also: our bodies are meant to take in all-natural foods, such as lean meats, leafy greens, and nuts and berries. Anything processed from the grocery store is a huge no-no, and interferes with our natural balance. And interfering with the natural balance = weight gain.

So, eat less carbs and eat all natural when possible. What else? Well, researchers at New York’s Cornell University have found that most weight loss occurs during week days. Almost everyone loses weight on weekdays and gains it during the weekend. According to the research, “we all tend to be a little more disciplined with our eating during the week with our routines of work. Then when it comes to Friday night, we feel like we deserve a treat for being so good for the past 5 days and congratulate ourselves with a huge take-away and a bottle of wine.” Getting in an extra gym session during the weekend will ensure that all your hard work during the week stays off.

Another helpful tip: go slow. Starving yourself only guarantees that the weight will come right back on and encourages binge eating. Losing 1 to 2 pounds a week can slowly develop into a lifestyle that will lead to natural, consistent weight loss.

Naturally, with a slow and steady weight loss comes tracking your progress, which can be a huge motivator in the process. Seeing your daily successes marked down is a great source of inspiration to keep moving forward. After a week, seeing the small percentages add up to a few pounds difference will help make that trip to the gym less dreadful. Keep a journal. Write down every success; you're doing better than you think!

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