Watermelon Oreos to be Offered For a Limited Time

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A new flavor of Oreo cookies is coming for summer, and it might not be what you expect.

The cookie brand is now selling a limited edition run of Watermelon-flavored Oreos. The cookies have Golden Oreo cookies on the outside and a pink-and-green cream center.

According to a review by the Junk Food Guy food blog, the cookies do not taste too much of artificial watermelon flavoring. Instead, the creme filling was described as watermelon mixed with cream, like some sort of watermelon ice cream.

Watermelon Oreos are another in a long line of experimental limited edition Oreo flavors that include Strawberry Milkshake Oreos, Gingerbread Oreos, Lemon Twist Oreos, Neapolitan Oreos, and Birthday Cake Oreos. Last fall, Nabisco released Candy Corn-flavored Oreos for the Halloween season.

For those that are still wary of mixing fruit and cookies, YouTube user Big D Pitchas has produced the most definitive Watermelon Oreo review to date:

(via Junk Food Guy)

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