Watch This 45-Minute Talk From PS4 Architect Mark Cerny

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Mark Cerny is like a really nice (and really awesome) teacher of the gaming business. He has a demeanor that's instantly likable, and his breadth of knowledge ensures that you actually learn something when he speaks.

If you like Cerny as much as I do, you're in a for a treat today. His recent talk at Gamelab in Barcelona this week is now up online for everybody to enjoy.

The 45-minute talk is primarily about the PS4 and developing for it, but he spent a rather long time at the beginning talking about his 31 years in the industry. None of it is too brag though as he only uses stories of his past experience to illustrate what he's trying to achieve with the PS4.

It's rare to hear somebody from a major platform holder to be this frank. His honesty shows that Sony has realized its mistakes, and is now working to correct them. Being transparent is just the start. Here's hoping we get more interviews like this from the rest of Sony Computer Entertainment, like Shuhei Yoshida.

Cerny is the lead architect of the PlayStation 4 hardware, and director of PS4 launch title Knack.

[h/t: Engadget]

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