Watch Steve Ballmer Talk About Microsoft's Big Restructuring Plan


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On Thursday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced a massive restructuring of the core Microsoft business. The strategy calls for Microsoft to realign itself as a single entity focused on one goal - keeping people in the Windows ecosystem.

Ballmer announced the restructuring plans at a Microsoft Town Hall Meeting where he outlined the plan in detail to Microsoft's employees and the press. The basic gist of the plan, according to Ballmer, is a Microsoft that creates "a family of devices and services for individuals and business that empower people around the globe at home, at work and on the go, for the activities they value most."

You can see more of Ballmer's comments below from a B-Roll that Microsoft released on Thursday. The video, intended for television broadcast, has plenty of Ballmer action, but it also has a minute of silent footage at the end showing the attendees at Microsoft's Town Hall Meetings. That's just how B-Rolls, well, roll.

The minute of pseudo-voyeurism at the end aside, Ballmer's comments on the future of Microsoft are ambitious and exciting. Bringing all of Microsoft together under one purpose is something that's needed to happen for a long time coming. With it, Ballmer may just be able to keep his job, and Microsoft may remain relevant far beyond the death of traditional computing.

Now if only Microsoft can keep the NSA at arm's length.