Watch Office Space in its Entirety For Free


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For no real reason - other than it's Monday - and it's a great movie, here is the entire movie "Office Space", free of charge. Not sure if this qualifies as copyright infringement, but that's not for us to decide, anyway. All you have to do is enjoy it... before YouTube and Twentieth Century Fox decide to take it down.

Scroll to the bottom for some fun facts and cool things to look for while watching the movie.

Fun Facts via IMDB:

A lot of the film was shot in Austin, Texas. Cotchkie's is a real restuarant called "the Alligator Grille" in Austin. It closed down in 2009.

Peter Gibbons lives in the "Morningwood Apartments"

Chotchkie's gets its name from the Yiddish word meaning a cheap trinket or knick-knack.

One of the names Drew lists as people who have slept with Joanna is David Rennie, the film's editor.

The directory where the virus in the movie is stored is "C:/LR427/Virus_CDEF". CDEF was a real virus in the 90's that effected macs. Among some of the problems it was known to have caused: printing errors.

"PC Load Letter" means the printer is out of or does not recognize the size of the paper in the tray and is instructing the user to insert Letter-sized (8.5 by 11) paper. It was a common display error on older model HP laserjet printers.

Due to the popularity of the film, Swingline began producing red staplers after customers began requesting them. They had discontinued production of red staplers many years prior.

Artie Lange auditioned for the role of Milton.

Joanna is Jennifer Aniston's real life middle name.

In the software industry, TPS stands for "Test Procedure Specification". It is a set of steps for quality assurance testers to follow in testing a software feature.

Mike Judge has said the term in the film world stands for "Test Program Set".

Despite being a classic cult film, it did not do well in the box office. It barely made its estimated budget back in the two month and two weeks it was in theaters.