Watch Dogs Has A Release Date Of May 27


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Last year, Ubisoft delayed Watch Dogs to allow the much anticipated game a bit more time in the oven. Since then, all Ubisoft has said is that it will be out in Spring. Now we know exactly when in Spring.

VG 24/7 got their hands on a leaked trailer that was supposed to go up later today that reveals Watch Dogs will be out in North America on May 27. The trailer apparently went up early on the Xbox 360's dashboard and gamers were able to capture it before it was taken down.

The trailer itself is actually pretty exciting since we haven't seen anything from Watch Dogs in so long. In it, we get a bit more backstory as it explains why protagonist Aiden Pearce became a vigilante. We're also introduced to one of the central antagonists - a man running a sex trafficking ring in Chicago who claims to own the city.

With this, it's pretty safe to say that Watch Dogs will be out May 27 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and PC. The Wii U version has been delayed beyond that as the Wii U team was taken off the project to help finish the other versions first.

UPDATE: The leak seems to have forced Ubisoft's hand as it has now uploaded the trailer to its YouTube channel. You can see it above.

Image via ubisoft/YouTube