Watch Conan O'Brien Adventure Through The World Of Skyrim As Mr. Buttons

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I've already made it clear that I think Conan O'Brien is the greatest game critic of our time. His total lack of understanding for the medium makes his criticism all the more impartial and hilariously harsh. During his last review, he took on Minecraft and said it reminded him of the great potato famine. This week, he takes on much beloved RPG Skyrim.

I don't want to spoil too much of the review, but it's even better than his last. I initially questioned his choice of playing as a Khajiit, but the name Mr. Buttons makes it all worth it. I'm sure the bards of Skyrim will forever sing the praise of Mr. Buttons, the Dovahkiin who saved the land.

In a moment of brilliance, O'Brien compares the character creation in Skyrim to filing taxes. He also spends the majority of the time trying to win over a woman with a mammoth tusk to only receive a minor boost to his skills.

As for the final score, Skyrim was placed on a scale of one to 166. With 166, one, anywhere in the 80s all being fairly average and 17 being really good, he gives Skyrim a score of 44XXXIVIV.

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