Watch A British APC Destroy A House


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A 150 year old house was set to be demolished but the owners had an idea as to how they wanted it done. They called a Kasota, Minnesota company called Drive-A-Tank. They brought a British FV432 armored personnel carrier to do the dirty work. Some prep work had to be done first before the demolition started. They had to fill the basement with wet sand so the tank wouldnt fall through the floor. Then they had to make sure the electricity and water were off.

MarKessa Baedke-Petersen, event coordinator for Drive-A-Tank said "Somebody heard about this demolition and called us. they said, 'hey, you want to run a tank through a house down here in Iowa?' So we’re working it out." So they drove the 15 ton tank through the house! It took 4 passes to completely destroy the house. "From start to finish, it took maybe 20 minutes," Baedke-Petersen said of the military-style makeover.

Production of the British FV432 armored personnel carrier began in the 1960's and it quickly became the most widely used vehicles in the military. 1,500 of the all steel tanks are still in service in England.

Check out the unedited video below: