Wasteland 2 Shows Off 18 Minutes of Gameplay


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Apparently, today is the day to release gameplay trailers. Just ask EA and 2K Games. Now, you can add inXile's successfully Kickstarted title, Wasteland 2, to that pile. For those who are wondering where that 2-plus million dollars went, the extended gameplay trailer should give you a great idea.

The new video features a large portion of gameplay centered around Wasteland 2's "The Prison" stage, which, according to the narrator, is the "fourth or fifth" stage in the upcoming game

For those who aren't familiar with the franchise, the top-down RPG will probably remind some of Bethesda's Fallout, at least regarding the environment and the presentation. If you're a fan of point-and-click adventures where success is determined by how effectively players manage their teams that take place in apocalyptic environments, you'll want to check out what Wasteland 2 is offering. Over at the Kickstarter page, the developers provide some more details about what players can expect:

The Prison is the 4th or 5th area in the game depending on how you approach it. Wasteland 2 is an open game so potentially, you could travel straight to it if you want a real challenge... but it probably won’t go so well... This is only a tiny fraction of the game which is very hard to show in a 20 minute update. It represents about 1/3rd of the prison map and isn’t even one of the larger levels, so you can imagine it can be tricky for us to share enough without too many spoilers or overwhelming you.

While no release date has been officially announced, Wasteland 2 goes into beta in October 2013.

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