Wasteland 2 Development Video Update Released


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In general, the gaming industry is fairly secretive. Developers rarely reveal much about their games until a few months before the launch day, other than the requisite teaser trailer.

With the rise of Kickstarter-funded game projects, however, that sort of black-box development could (and should) change. Developers who take money from fans upfront owe it to their investors to keep them informed of how the project is coming along, and to seek out input from them.

InXile Entertainment appears to be doing just that with its Kickstarted Wasteland 2 RPG. The developer this weekend released an early developer preview video for the title.

Wasteland 2 was kickstarted almost one year ago. InExile was asking for only $900,000 for the project, but received nearly $3 million.

The developer video includes a look at the customizable UI, combat, skills, and the dialogue system. There is also a blog post that provides an overall update on the game's progress. As of right now, the developers are "just past the halfway mark."