Was This Facebook Home Ad Altered Because the Original Sounded Way Too Much Like an Eminem Song?

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Mildly funny conspiracy theory alert: This is not confirmed. I haven't talked to anyone inside Facebook with knowledge on this topic. This is simply something that I observed, and I'm pretty sure I'm on to something.

OK, so you probably heard about Facebook's big event last Thursday where they unveiled Facebook Home, their Android takeover “app family” that basically turns any phone that installs it into a Facebook Phone. So, during that event, CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced an ad for the feature called "Airplane." In that ad, we noticed that the background music sounded quite similar to an Eminem song. Specifically, "Under the Influence" off of The Marshall Mathers LP.

Coincidence? Probably.

But the plot thickens.

A few days after the event, Facebook finally released the "Airplane" ad on their official YouTube channel. It's the same ad that we saw during the event - expect for one small detail. The background song has, without a doubt, been altered. The melody is similar, but not the same.

So...did Facebook have to change up their ad because it reminded people of a decade-old catchy but obscene Eminem song?

Here are exhibits A,B, and C.

The original ad starts at about 28:05 in the video below:

And here's the Eminem song that the first version of the ad sounds like. NSFW lyrics, obviously:

And finally, here's the version of the ad that Facebook released this weekend. The song in the background sounds similar, but has been changed around significantly.

Remember the lyrics to that Eminem song:

"You can suck my dick if you don't like my shit. 'Cause I was high when I wrote this so suck my dick."

Maybe that was Facebook's subtle way of letting us all know that they welcomed the criticism.

Joking aside, it's not impossible that someone made the last-minute song change because the original song sounded exactly like that Eminem song. Whether it was intentionally designed to mimic that song, or it was just an odd coincidence, someone could have pointed out the resemblance and that prompted the change.

Maybe my brain is just spinning uncontrollably. It's a Monday afternoon and I didn't get a lot of sleep over the weekend. But damn if it's not funny to think about. Especially considering Mark Zuckerberg's recently unearthed penchant for Eminem jokes.

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