Walnuts Stolen In Two Separate Theft Cases

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Two shipments of walnuts worth around $70,000 went missing in late October, and authorities say they are still no closer to catching the culprit.

Tehama County, California is known for its rich walnut orchards and ships the nut to various vendors around the country, including one in Miami. When police got a call saying a huge shipment weighing 42,000 pounds were missing after their scheduled arrival date in Miami had passed, they were shocked--until they got another call saying a different shipment around the same size never made it to San Antonio. It made for a very confusing case; who steals thousands of pounds worth of nuts--and better yet, how?

Authorities think they may have the answer to that one, at least; witnesses in both cases say that a truck driver--tall, white, with a strong Russian accent--took the loads after showing them a verified purchase order. However, the trucking company hired to deliver the walnuts says they have no idea who that man is.

As far as investigators can tell, the man was driving a white semi with a logo for "InTech Transportation" on the door. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Tehama County Sheriff's Office.

Amanda Crum
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