Walmart Alligator Caught Strolling By Doors


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It's not unusual to think of "slashing prices" when thinking of Walmart; however, now customers can think of the "slashing reptile" (alligator) when thinking of Walmart. A six foot alligator was recently spotted outside a Walmart in Apopka, Florida. The alligator was seen slowly strolling in front of the doors entering the store.

According to shopper Robin Watkins, who spoke with CBS affiliate WKMG, “It was a nice size gator, just chilling.”

The Apopka Police Department arrived on the scene and closed the area for an hour to ensure the safety of shoppers.

Officer Steven Popp spoke about the department's focus during the situation.

“Our main concern was keeping the people safe,” Officer Popp said.

There are no present reports for any display of aggressive behavior relating to this particular alligator that randomly appeared to just wander outside the store; however, the outcome for this alligator is tragic. According to a spokesperson for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, this alligator will be put down.

Karen Parker of the FWC told ABC News, "He’ll be put down, unfortunately. It looks like he has lost the fear of people, and we don’t want to take the chance of him hurting anybody.”

Fortunately, no people were injured during the incident, and the shoppers who witnessed the event got a unique view of a non-helmeted Florida gator. Florida is known for alligators dwelling in swamps, which is why some residents have not sounded too surprised by the news of one roaming outside a Walmart.

[Image And Videos Via YouTube]