Walking Dead's McBride Speaks About Plot Twists

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Fans of The Walking Dead witnessed some unforeseeable plot twists during a recent episode where Carol was forced into making some difficult decisions that put into question the very definition of humanity. Melissa McBride, who portrays the tough, but well-liked character, spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the shocking events that unfolded.

[Spoiler Alert] Carol recently confessed to killing Tyreese's girlfriend. McBride explained the anticipation and inner turmoil that led to the revelation.

"They’ve been through so much. I loved that scene, how quiet it was finally. Just the two of them with little Judith over in her crib. It was exhausting, it was an exhausting time. Unbelievable what the two had just been through. Unbelievable to them. And all the stuff going through Carol’s mind, there was a great deal of “I have to tell him, I have to tell him now.” For one, if we’re going to keep going together, there needs to be trust. Even more important than that, he needs to know what happened because Carol remembers not knowing what happened to Sophia. And she says, “That was the worst part. The worst part is not knowing.” And she can only imagine what was going on in Tyreese’s mind, imagining what might have gone down with Karen, and how it happened, and who did it eating away with him," McBride said.

McBride addressed the unique situation characters of the popular television show face where the level of daily horror is that typically relegated to nightmares.

"And with that going on in his mind she knows they can’t keep moving if he’s continuously thinking about what may have happened. That needs to be done. She also needs to hand him the truth because even in her own mind, it’s like I need somebody to tell me I am doing okay here. I have done horrible, horrible things, and I need him to tell me it’s okay in some way. To at least know that he accepts what needs to be done, or let me go," McBride said.

Carol is no stranger to gut-wrenching killings and intense drama.

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