Walking Dead Prank, Norman Reedus Scared by Fake Zombie


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Rick Grimes shouldn’t prank Daryl Dixon, especially with Zombies-unless he wants to die. However, Andrew Lincoln has nothing to fear by pranking Norman Reedus. So he did it.

Lincoln, who plays “stuff and things” Rick on The Walking Dead teamed up with Greg Nicotero, the shows’ special effects makeup artist and co-executive producer, to prank Reedus in Tokyo. The Walking Dead crew, including Reedus, was on a promotional tour when the prank occurred.

The main culprit behind the prank was zombie prankster Nick Santonastasso, who has Hanhart syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that usually results in missing limbs. Santonastasso has no legs and one arm. He doesn’t let his disorder stop him from living life and having fun. He often uses it to pull pranks on unsuspecting people. His “zombie pranks” are very popular on Vine.

Santonastasso has such a huge fanbase, due to these Vine videos, that there is a Change.Org petition to get him an appearance as a zombie on The Walking Dead. Reedus is one of Santonastasso’s fans. He tweeted a link to the Change.Org petition about him in December 2013.

Nicotero puts Santonastasso in full zombie makeup at the start of the Zombie prank video. Then Santonastasso expresses shock and joy when Lincoln enters. Lincoln comments how “Norman is going to kick our asses” for the prank, which sends the entire prank crew into laughter.

Reedus is left alone waiting for more members of the press to enter his hotel room. To his surprise, Santonastasso then rushes out from his hiding place towards Reedus. He slightly screams, and then hugs Santonastasso. The crew enters the room. Reedus ends the video praising Santonastass by saying, “I already know about you. I've already blasted you out to the planet. Good job, you jerk!"

Prank not approved by Daryl Dixon.

Image via Youtube