'Walking Dead' Fans Mourn the Loss of a Main Character [SPOILERS]

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Head up--as the title indicates, there are spoilers in this article. If you haven't watched the Too Far Gone episode yet, bookmark this page and turn back before it's too late.

Fans of The Walking Dead have seen a lot of main characters killed off. In fact, former showrunner Glen Mazzara has constantly emphasized the fact that no one is safe. Nothing drove this point home more than seeing Rick's wife, Lori, die. Despite this, it still came as quite a punch in the stomach when we saw the Governor decapitate Hershel in the mid-series finale that aired on Sunday.

Remember how a lot of Walking Dead fans cheered when Andrea was finally killed off? Well, Hershel's death hasn't quite received the same reception. While it wasn't a surprise to see people express their shock, grief and outrage right after one of the best characters on the show was killed in such a gruesome manner, it's now three days later and people are still upset.

Even though it's just TV, it's easy to see how this harrowing image would stick with you:

TV Line did an interview with the man behind Hershel, Scott Wilson, who says he wouldn't want to be the man who plays the Governor right now. "I would assume that there will be some kind of audience response to Hershel losing his head. I would not want to be David Morrissey." Yeah, that sounds about right from the hundreds of Tweets that have been posted blasting the Governor for killing Hershel.

In case any of you Walking Dead fans are wondering what happened to Hershel's head after the Governor finished hacking it off his body with Michonne's katana, Wilson says he has it. "I do have [the head], which is very nice. I have it hidden in my closet," Wilson said.

While it's nice to see Wilson alive and well with his head fully intact, somehow the image of Hershel's head rolling around in a closet probably won't help the fans that are still grieving.

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