Waitress Returns $1,000 To Wrong Person

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Samantha Knight, a waitress at Laishley Crab House in Punta Gorda, Florida, was working her regular shift when she noticed something unusual in one of the chairs, at a nearby table. As she approached the chair, she realized that there was a wad of money sitting there unattended. "I just saw a wad of hundreds. I didn't count it cause I was in a rush to go catch the guy at the front," said Knight. She immediately grabbed the money, and ran from the store in hopes of catching the man who had dropped it. She was able to catch up to the man, however the person she thought was the owner of the money actually was not.

Knight later found out that she had given the money to the wrong man. Due to him having a large sum of money on him at the time, he just assumed that the money had fallen out of his pocket. Luckily, the man saw the story on the news and went back to the restaurant several days later to return the money to the rightful owner. "He said, 'I'm so sorry. It was a misunderstanding.' He said, 'I'm from Delaware. The money was in my wallet underneath other stuff. I'm in town buying stuff, so I had that much money,'" Knight said.

The actual owner, of the money, was a resident of Chicago, and had already left to go back home. When he was told that his money had been found, he told Knight that she could keep it as a Christmas gift. When asked about her reaction to the generous gift, Knight replied: "Overwhelmed. I was crying earlier. I called my mom and was like I can't believe it. I called the guy and I was like are you sure?" Knight is currently pregnant, and says that the money will be a huge help.

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