Wade Phillips Fired by Houston Texans


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As the Houston Texans are in the process of making some very drastic changes, it's been reported that Wade Phillips has been let go as the team's defensive coordinator. The 66-year old quickly took to Twitter to thank owner Bob McNair, the players and the Texan fans.

"Thanks to McNair family and great Texan fans and most all our players," he wrote. "It was wonderful being home. I wish the best to all."

It was rumored that Phillips wanted to be the Texan's head coach ever since since taking over the role for the last three games of the season, but it just didn't work out, as it seems McNair wanted to start completely fresh, and who could blame him after the team had an extremely disappointing season of 2-14.

In a separate Tweet, Phillips said that he wouldn't be renewing the suite that he kept for Texan home games for obvious reasons, and some might say that his message had a tinge of sarcasm, as he wrote the following: "To Texan suite sales--I am sorry, but because of recent changes I will not renew my purchase of a suite. Hope u understand. Wade Phillips." Which is surely to generate at least a chuckle from supporters of the Texas native.

However, there's still a good chance that Phillips can end up someplace else, either as defensive coordinator or as head coach, since he had pretty decent runs as coach with teams like the Buffalo Bills. He also coached the Dallas Cowboys pretty successfully, but failed to take the team to the playoffs.

On Friday Jan. 3, the Texans named former New England Patriots offensive coordinator, Bill O'Brien as the team's head coach. When he asked about who would be starting at quarterback next year, Phillips said is was way too early to make that call.

"Just getting her yesterday, we've already started some of these discussions but they are very preliminary," he said. "In every position we want a good team guy. We want a guy that is a hard worker, physically tough and mentally tough."

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